Ipitsi helps expose what is really happening inside an organisation

Ipitsi works in two ways:


You want to help your clients look inside their organisation.

You are experts.  You want to turn your knowledge into good questions.  And you want to use a secure and robust technology platform to monetise your specialist knowledge.


You want to look inside your own organisation.

You are a complex organisation.  You need to know your values, standards,  policies… are met.  You’re seeking greater insight into how your organisation is working in practice.

Both ways you’ll be helping people at the top get a picture of…
…how far their expectations survive contact with people
…how people are thinking, behaving and complying
…how well they are working in line with values, standards, good practice, policies…

Ipitsi helps you see what is really happening.
To give you Actionable Insight.

Who We Are

A team bringing great understanding of organisations and management.  And expertise in asking good questions and delivering a ready-to-go platform.

Richard Sheath

Richard Sheath


Executive Director

Ken Olisa

Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE


Chris Tuson

Chris Tuson

Development Manager

James Macaulay

James Macaulay

Commercial Director

Executive Director

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