Isn’t Ipitsi “just another survey tool”?
No.  Other tools simply provide you with a questionnaire template and delivery mechanism.  Ipitsi does that too – but goes a lot further.  By building in expert content, you or your customers know that you are asking the right questions – and are asking the questions that the specialists think matter.  And it produces reports that help you pinpoint what’s not working so well – and lets you drill down to investigate further.  It’s an expert self-assessment tool and a route to spotting then diagnosing the problem.

Can’t we just build in our content ourselves?
You can try.  But asking good questions is difficult.  Our extensive expertise in developing questionnaires has given us real insight into what works well and helps you get good results from your or your customer’s assessment.  We know how to overcome the typical disadvantages of questionnaires so by working with you we can help you avoid the pitfalls.  And the Ipitsi tool is structured to produce questionnaires and reports that support our unique question structure.

Who supports the tool?
Ipitsi does.  We provide the platform service 24/7 to you or your customers.  We sign a service agreement with you, look after the security, and make sure you have trouble-free access.

How is the tool accessed?
Ipitsi-based services are securely provided online.

Where is the data held?
Any data held on Ipitsi servers is held within the EEA.  Our service agreements specify how data is held in line with prevailing data protection requirements.

Who provides the client support?
If you are a Reseller, you provide “front line” support, backed up by the Ipitsi Helpdesk as a “second line”.  But we can help you to varying degrees based on the terms of our service.  If you are an In-house user we provide full support.

Who gets paid what?
If you are a Reseller, you have the contractual relationship with your customer.  You pay Ipitsi a monthly amount based on user numbers.  You might charge your customer in the same way, or you might go for flat or tiered subscription fees – that’s up to you.  If you’re using Ipitsi In-house, you will be charged monthly based on user numbers.  Ipitsi will charge you a set-up fee for the support we provide in designing the questions.

Can’t we just build our own tool?
You can – but it’s costly and takes a lot more time and knowledge than you think.  Ipitsi is ready-to-go and draws on our knowledge and experience in a cost-effective way.

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