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The need for Actionable Insight

Whether you’re looking inside your own organisation – or a Reseller helping your clients look inside theirs – the same challenges have to be overcome.

You cannot be confident that your expectations survive contact with people
Nearly everybody in an organisation, nearly all of the time, will want to follow what they are expected to do.  But the reality of implementation by people means that other factors intervene and day-to-day considerations will come into play.

But it’s difficult to see what’s going on inside
As a leader – an executive, a director, a trustee – you need to be confident that people are working and behaving in line with the framework you have set out.  But to be really sure you need to get insight into what’s really happening on the ground.

You can reach into the depths of the organisation
You rely on compliance and controls to an extent.  But adding to that regular self-assessment by those you rely on to follow your standards and to work together is how you will really build that confidence.

But you need to ask the right questions
Asking good questions is difficult.  Self-assessment is a powerful tool but only if you ask the right questions in the right way!  So you need to combine high quality content (standards, policies, expert knowledge…) into well-structured, engaging questions.

You need to have the right tool
To give you Actionable Insight it needs to be presented in an easy-to-use, highly visual way that supports diagnosis through graphics, drill down and benchmarking.

And you need to track progress
Building data through the self-assessments help you make sure things are improving.

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